I Never Thought I’d Say This…But Thank Goodness Trump’s So Incompetent


By Persephone

So, our president recently bragged to the President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela.  What did he brag about?  Only an American accomplishment a century old.  President Cheeto brought up the Panama Canal and its usefulness, as if this was a recent development.  To his credit, Varela immediately corrected Cheeto, pointing out that the canal was made a “100 years ago.”

The Panama Canal played a significant role in our history.  It was a bloody, expensive mess that might have ultimately boosted the economy in Panama but certainly didn’t in the short-term.  I could go on about the history of the canal, but let’s instead focus on the fact that our president actually believed that this was created recently.

Before you’re filled with an uncontrollable rage/disgust over our president’s incompetence, I need to you take a step back.

Yes, he’s a dumbass.  Unbelievably so.  He’s such a moron that he strongarms French leaders, salivates over his own daughter‘s hotness, challenges his popularity by threatening to shoot strangers, mistakes whether activists dead a century are alive or not, tweets stupid statements that undermine his own legal team, puts his family in positions of power in the White House despite anti-nepotism laws, fires the man investigating him, doesn’t fill in important cabinet positions despite months of time, spends every fucking weekend golfing at his own resort at the taxpayers’ expense, picks fights with reality tv stars, and oh, my god.  I need to stop this list now.  It’s just too long.

So, yes, he’s stupid.  It’s astounding that he doesn’t spend his hours drooling into his oatmeal.  I’ll admit, witnessing so much gross incompetence and corruption has broken my heart a dozen times over in the last seven months.

But, think about it.  How would this presidency differ if Trump were capable?  What if he’d been half as smart as he believes he is?

If he’d possessed an ounce of tact, Trump’s Muslim Ban would have passed.  Easily.  It was only his constant speeches and tweets that provided the court system with the evidence to combat it.  With intelligence, President Cheeto would have been able to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Department of Education–two departments the Democrats want but the Republicans find superfluous.  Who needs clean air or literate children?  Such amenities cost money, and Republicans only like spending that on themselves.

With two brain cells to rub together, Trump would have already repealed and replaced the Affordable Care Act.  He would have been able to work with the Russian government more covertly.  He’s insanely obvious about his dealings with Putin at the moment.  He probably would have bombed Syria, leading us to another war in the Middle East.  North Korea would have considered him more  of a threat, so we might also be headed into a nuclear war.

More than all that, surprisingly, is that citizens of the United States might not have taken notice of what was going on until it was too late.  Thanks to President Cheeto’s blatantly apparent stupidity, much of the American population “woke up.”  I was one of them.  When Cheeto got elected, I went from being informed perhaps slightly more than the average to reading every news article that crosses my path obsessively.  Because of his incompetence, I’ve noticed all the crazy shit Trump’s been dragging us into.  It’s hard not to.  He’s just that dumb.  If he hadn’t been that dumb, I probably would have figured we’d just elected another Republican.  We’ve survived those before.  I would have figured we’d be okay.

But we wouldn’t have been.  Intelligent or not, Trump’s agenda would have remained the same, and that’s a scary thing.

So, whenever you feel like screaming when Trump tweets yet another bit of classified information or makes another obvious threat against someone investigating him, just remember how lucky we are.  He’s a total twit, and that’s how we’re going to survive this.  Even Congressional Republicans can only defend Trump’s “inexperience” so much before Trump finally gets arrested for treason, collusion, money laundering, obstruction of justice, conflict of interest, or the host of other blatantly illegal activities he’s partaken of just since coming into office.

So, thank goodness he’s an idiot.  That’s what’s going to save us.

Picture from businessinsider.com

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