Why Do Democrats Keep Losing?

By Persephone

Several days ago, Republican Karen Handel won the House of Representatives seat for Georgia’s 6th district.  Why did this make national news?  Because Democrats poured money into their Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff.  It was the most expensive House race in history.  Democrats across the country placed huge expectations on this race, seeing it as a true testament to changes in public opinion since Trump’s election.

Yet, the Democrats still lost.  In fact, there have been several special elections in the past several months, and they all went Republican.  This even includes Montana’s one representative, who assaulted a reporter the day before the election.

How do the Democrats keep losing?  A multitude of possibilities have been suggested.  For one thing, all the seats they’ve lost have belonged to historically Republican areas.  It would have been remarkable if Democrats had won them, which is perhaps why they’ve struggled so hard to turn them.

For another, Trump has only been president for five months.  This might have felt like closer to fifty for those of us who cannot stand him, but not so to Trump supporters.  Trump supporters still argue that he’s new to this, that we haven’t given him a chance, that the political climate is against him.  They also believe his excuses of the fuckups caused by his office over the reports presented by legitimate journalists.

Sigh.  It’s going to take more time for those loyal to President Cheeto to ever admit that he’s really an orange toddler with way too many attention issues.

So, yes, these are legitimate arguments, but I’d like to propose an alternative explanation.  Take the campaign between Ossoff and Handel in Georgia.  Ossoff was a young, inexperienced candidate who put forth a moderate, kind persona.  He seemed a man who genuinely cared about his constituents.  Handel famously admitted in one debate that she didn’t believe in a livable wage.  Her only dirt on Ossoff seemed to be that he was a Star Wars nerd in college and didn’t technically live in the district (though he was born and raised there).  Then, she won anyway.

So, why is that?  Why do the Republicans keep winning these elections, as they’re even now pushing a new health care act through the Senate that will viciously cut spending on the poorer populations in order to grant tax cuts for the extremely wealthy?

My thoughts: their message is stronger.  While Democrats argue amongst themselves, trying to figure out which issues are more important to the citizens they represent, the Republicans blaze forward through their own agendas, their constituents be damned.  They unite with each other, even when their bills prove unpopular and cruel.  When Republicans and Democrats debate, Democrats try for a more moderate voice, saying that things will improve while Republicans yell for a complete overhaul of the system.

Are the Democrats better for our health care, our environment, our livelihoods, our wages, and our social policies?  Undoubtedly.  However, they don’t present the same strong, united front that Republicans do.

In short, Democrats aren’t assholes.  As President Cheeto has demonstrated, it’s only the assholes who seem to be winning lately.

This doesn’t mean that Democrats will never win again.  Our country tends to go in cycles between Republicans and Democrats for the majority.  The Democrats will have their moment once again, and hopefully they’ll be able to clean up whatever mess is left behind.

Because we know that there will be a mess.  While the Republicans might seem strong, their cares have very little to do with their own constituents’ needs.  When you see a party slash funding for Planned Parenthood (which is there to serve the poor), medicaid, the Environmental Protection Agency, foreign diplomacy, and education, their concerns have nothing to do with their constituents.

Until their constituents realize this, the Democrats will keep on losing.  This means the Republicans will continue on as they have, their power unchecked.

This latest blow in the elections is very telling for a variety of reasons.  It is not good news for anyone.

2 thoughts on “Why Do Democrats Keep Losing?

  1. Why do the Democrats keep losing? It’s because they all live in a Blue Bubble echo chambers. They all reinforce each other’s views, which make them believe that their concerns are everyone’s. I offer a few examples: While those who live in the blue bubbles on the east and west coast firmly believe that global warming is the most important concern for the plant, the vast majority of American’s don’t. The Blue Bubbles (BB) are concerned with how many men they can pack into a woman’s bath room, or about the rights of non-citizens to enter the USA, or are concerned with trial and tribulations of trans-gender confused whatevers, but have absolutely no concern for the worries and concerns of working class men and women. Russia is not a major concern for the Middle America, jobs are. The resist everything gang is looked upon as a bunch of Feminist Democratic Partisan Kooks. What working men and women worry about most are jobs for them and their children and children’s children. No Syrian refugees are not high on the list of issues of working class men and women, nor is bathroom rights, or CO2 or Russia. If the Democrats actually gave a shit about the majority of men and women across the USA, instead of playing identity politics, the Democrats would win and American would be better for it. But the looney tunes in NYC and Hollywood make the decisions that reverberate in the Blue Bubble Echo Chambers. Trump made it a point to put Americans first, not the Democrats. And he won.


    • I see what you’re saying. Jobs are a major problem. Higher-paying jobs in the midwest like coal mining, coal-burning plants, and manufacturing have been disappearing at an alarming rate. This has left many people feeling frustrated and angry, and Republicans have fed into that fear. Coal jobs aren’t coming back, but this has everything to do with technology innovation and shifting power source trends. President Trump preached about putting America first, repetitiously speaking of jobs returning or at least not leaving the United States, and then he won.

      Democrats might seem to be less concerned with jobs and more focused on identity politics, but let’s examine that for a moment. If conservatives weren’t worried about transgendered individuals, why do they constantly try to pass through bathroom bills? If the trans community is such a minority, why is a significant chunk of taxpayers’ money dedicated to keeping them from using the bathroom? If conservatives weren’t making this a priority, Democrats wouldn’t spend so much time trying to protect transgendered rights. The same goes for illegal immigrants. As long as they are not committing crimes, why are conservatives so hell-bent on deporting them? Illegal immigrants actually boost the economy. If conservatives don’t care about climate change, why do they drone on and on in front of the cameras denying the existence of climate change? Global warming might not be a popular topic with conservatives right now, but Democrats are looking towards the future. In the short-term, we’re fine. In the long term, our future generations are in trouble, and the science backs this up. We make climate change a priority because it should be. The real question is why Republicans don’t find this a priority, if our children are our concern. If there weren’t battles to fight, Democrats wouldn’t be fighting them. And their policies reflect that. Their messages might seem more muddled than Republicans, but that has everything to do with their all-inclusive attitude. When they put America first, they don’t just put white America first. Everyone in America should come along for the ride.

      On top of all this, though, jobs are a priority for Democrats. This might get lost in our all-inclusive rhetoric, but the sentiments are there. Our problem is we won’t lie about it. Hillary Clinton was criticized for admitting that coal mining jobs just aren’t coming back. Instead, she wanted to focus on getting clean energy jobs to the midwest and introduce job-retraining programs. Democrats are all about the education.

      And history has backed up Democrats’ effects on jobs. When President Obama left office, the unemployment rate was 4.6%. When President George W. Bush left the White House, unemployment rates were at 7.8%. This probably isn’t the fairest assessment, as George W. Bush wasn’t particularly competent, so let’s go back even farther. When Bill Clinton’s term ended, the unemployment rate was 4.2% while George H. W. Bush left America at 7.8%. These are pretty significant statistics. Democrats really do care about jobs, and these numbers prove it. However, I’ll admit that this doesn’t mean the jobs in the midwest are truly replacing the high-paying jobs that left. They’re not. This is still a problem that neither party has fixed, and it is a very real problem. People in the south and the midwest are hurting for jobs that just aren’t there anymore while the economies on both the east and west coasts flourish. It isn’t a fair standard of living, and I really wish we’d address that as a nation.

      So, yeah. Democrats keep losing because they refuse to streamline their message and ignore all the minority groups out there. We defend those who need defending. This policy might have hurt in regards to all those electoral votes, but remember one thing. Trump won the presidency, but he lost the popular vote. The Democratic voice did speak to the majority of American voters.


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