I’m Starting to Agree with John Oliver: This is Stupid Watergate

By Persephone

The big news right now is obviously how Donald Trump, Jr. met with a lawyer with strong ties to the Russian government shortly after his father received the Republican presidential nomination.  For the past several months, DT Jr. lied, claiming that such a meeting didn’t happen.  He then changed this story, admitting that there was a meeting between himself, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, and the Russian lawyer, but they only discussed non-treasonous topics like adoption.  Because three such busy guys had all the time in the world to drop everything to meet for such an inane reason.

Of course, we now know for sure that this wasn’t true.  These men were there for dirt on Hillary Clinton.  These guys actively worked with a foreign government in order to win Donald Trump the election.  Our presidential electoral process has been thoroughly compromised.

For those of us who have been skeptical that there was Russian collusion, this has been probably more of a shock than it should have been.  My sister has spent her time since the election following such twitter accounts such as Louise Mensch’s, believing all the conspiracy theories that there was active collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia.  She believed that treason really was what got Trump elected.

I’ll admit: I was the skeptical one.  I knew that Russia had hacked our election in that it had bombarded moderates with anti-Clinton fake news articles and provided other influential media.  Even the FBI and the CIA have openly confirmed this.  We know that Russia did this.  That’s a given.

As for the collusion, all the signs were there.  President Cheeto has a habit of overreacting every time Russia is brought up, either making excuses, blaming Obama or Hillary for something, or doing something so distractingly batshit crazy that we don’t question what’s going on as closely as we should.  So many members of his staff have been proven to have close ties to Russia, and the internet has been awash with accusations of secret meetings and not-so-private dossiers.  There was a lot to soak in.

While it wouldn’t surprise me that Donald Trump was so incompetently obvious, I still tried to hold onto my skepticism.  I still want the Republicans and the Democrats to work things out, somehow.  While I’m socially a liberal, I do identify as a fiscal moderate.  I think it’s the moderates who are going to fix what’s wrong with our government.  This means conservatives should have a voice, too.

But my skepticism was unfounded.  I was more giving Trump some benefit of the doubt, although I don’t know why I bothered.  I knew he was a mysogist, xenophobic, stupid, crude, illiterate, cruel, and violent narcissist, so treason shouldn’t have been much of a leap.

So, the Washington Post revealed the truth about this meeting back in June of 2016.  In a preemptive strike, Donald Trump, Jr. released his emails associated with the meeting.  I’m not sure why he released these emails, as they are quite incriminating.  There’s really no hiding that he was involved with working with a foreign government to change the results of an American election.  And this is an election that he and his father have personally profited from.

Bottom line: this don’t look good, kid.

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