Cheeto Cheated, Actively Working with a Foreign Government to Win the Presidency. Yet, He was So Unprepared When He Got It!


By Persephone

As the latest scandal involving Donald Trump, Jr. continues, we’ve learned that there were upwards of eight people at that infamous meeting back in June of 2016.  It’s like when one secret get unraveled, a few dozen more spill straight out.  Journalists are having way too much fun on this one, as the incompetence on the part of the Trump campaign is far too easy to follow.

Only the morons on Fox News are in denial of what all this means.  Donald Trump made deals with the Russian government in order to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.  He worked with Putin to undermine our election, and he has personally profited off that win since becoming president.  It’s an ugly situation.

However, I’d just like to ask President Trump what he was thinking.  I’m not interested in the whys or the hows of colluding with a foreign government.  We all know why he did it.  He wanted to win, and Hillary was getting more votes.

No, I just want to know why, if he put so much work into winning and risked his own freedom by committing treason, President Trump was so unprepared for becoming president.

Just look at all that he’s accomplished.  He presented numerous, ill-conceived executive orders.  The most infamous of these orders, the Islamic travel ban, is still stuck in the court systems even after Trump wrote a do-over.  He throws hissy fits whenever a journalist says something against him, which means he’s thrown a lot of hissy fits over the last several months.  He still hasn’t filled most of the remaining jobs in the executive branch, and he fires anyone he thinks hurts his image.  He hasn’t repealed and replaced ObamaCare, and it doesn’t look he’ll be able to.  He spends huge amounts of time on vacation, including a multitude of weekends at his resort in Florida.  Most of his staff, including the ones related to him, seem broiled in one obvious scandal after another.  When he speaks in public, he seems lost when trying to explain simple concepts like economics or health care.  The rest of the world’s leaders find him a disturbing joke.  Other than getting someone on U.S. Supreme Court, President Trump hasn’t actually accomplished anything positive for the Republican party.

So, President Cheeto, is there a reason you’re dropping the ball on this one?  You broke so many laws and pissed off so many people to get a job you don’t even want?

Seriously, you’re like the ex-boyfriend who spends the better part of a year convincing a woman to allay her doubts and leave the kind, dependable fiance for you.  Then, when you get the girl, you constantly ditch her even as you promise that things are going to be different this time.

Well, let me tell you, dumbass.  Our country is not going to stand for this.  One of these days, our country will remember common sense and dump Trump once and for all.

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