There are More Important Things than President Cheeto


By Persephone

We’ve heard many stories over the past week about Hurricane Harvey as it struck Louisiana and Texas.  Houston–the fourth largest city in the United States–was hit with over 50 inches of rain, and the city has been flooded ever since.  It is only now that the waters are finally beginning to recede.

Over this week, there’s been many photos of the brave locals who have gone out again and again in murky water containing snakes and alligators to rescue their fellow neighbors.  We’ve heard many inspirational stories of men going out again and again in their boats to save everyone stranded by the rising waters.  There have also been horror stories of people drowning and many illegal immigrants remaining in their homes rather than risk deportation by ICE.  Last I heard, there were 47 people declared dead due to the hurricane and its aftermath.  That’s a significant number in a country that’s supposed to be prepared for such disasters.

Hurricane Harvey has shown the worst of the people of the federal government, yet it’s shown the best of normal everyday Americans.

Let me elaborate on that.

I’m sick of writing about Trump.  I know I write about him an awful lot, but this isn’t because I find him a fascinating individual.  It’s just my therapy to process the horror that is his presidency.  He’s an incompetent asshole who has the attention span of a pit bull on acid.  It’s not fun to be an American right now.  As if to make up for his lackadaisical initial response to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Trump can be found in Texas today, kissing random babies and smiling for every photo op.  Never mind that Congress is looking at cutting $876 million from FEMA’s budget, which handles situations like Harvey, as a means of paying for Trump’s fucking wall.  The wall which is meant to shut out Mexican immigrants, such as 1/3 of Houston’s population.  FEMA is almost already out of money this year.  Their budget cannot get decreased any further.

In the meantime, Congress might also shut down the government on September 30th if they can’t agree on a new budget.  That includes social programs, military spending, FEMA’s budget, the existence of DACA, and many other programs that the conservatives of Congress want to get rid of.  Meanwhile, Trump is threatening to shut down everything anyway, even if Congress agrees on something, if they don’t pay for his border wall.

It’s just nice to know that normal Americans can band together and prove that basic human decency still exists.  You won’t find similar evidence of that in Washington, D.C.

Picture from abcnews

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