As you can probably tell by the title, we’re a couple of cranky sisters.  Two women, to be exact.  Nasty women, you might say, if you wish to quote President Cheeto.  We are two sisters that tend towards educated disappointment with the state of the world, and we decided to express our pain the day after our most recent Presidential election.   This is a website we’ve discussed at length for a number of years, but it was the election that decided us.  Our opinions are shared by many others, and we’ve agreed that our anger needs a more productive outlet.  While politics are a part of our “rants,” we plan to touch on many subjects.  As women, we focus on the details, and that includes everyday little annoyances.  With luck, not all of our blogs will entail anger, but don’t bet on it.  All our positivity about the future just sort of disappeared.  For some reason.

In case you haven’t noticed, both of us have taken on a different goddess as our handle names.  Considering the volatility of some of our subject matter, anonymity seemed the wiser course.  We’d like to keep our day jobs.

Persephone chose her name because she somehow found it fitting.  Persephone was a Greek goddess kidnapped by Hades and trapped in the underworld for six months of every year.  In the spring and summer, she would return to the earth’s surface and enjoy the sunshine once more.  Our writer Persephone feels like she’s trapped in hell, but there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.  She’s currently a full-time grad student and a part-time worker.  Also, a lesbian, a druid, and a democrat.  In other words, she’s already opinionated, but up until now (throughout thirty-plus years) she generally kept her opinions to herself.  After President Cheeto got elected, she decided to break her silence and raise her voice.  Her voice might be angry and rambling most of the time, but it is forever strong from this moment forward.

The Oracle is a housewife and mother of four children in a blended family.  In a previous existence, she was a reference librarian in a mid-sized public library in Texas.  She has always been a progressive among conservatives, and that has not changed.  She lives in a conservative wheat town in central Washington.  She has always been bound by facts and the truth.  The universe is complicated, and the truth is not always simple.  With knowledge comes greater understanding.  She chose the name “The Oracle” because in Greek myth, the oracles were the speakers of the Gods.  They would tell the uncomfortable truths.  Oracles tell the future, for good or ill.

She saw the latest election as a win for ignorance.  Citizens have become lax.  They do no understand how government works.  People fear what they don’t understand.  Ignorance is not bliss, and there are those who would take advantage of citizen’s fear and ignorance.  The Oracle seeks to shine a light into the darkness, so that fear cannot take root.  Plus, she cooks, so she’ll post great recipes on Sundays.  Because good data makes you hungry.

Feel free to ask any questions or add comments.  If we don’t like them, we’ll just delete them.  We’re like that.