Guess Whose Expanding!!

By Persephone

Well, it’s official.  We’ve expanded our website onto twitter!  While I’ve been the primary writer on, my sister has obsessively observed every tweet that’s crossed her path over the last eight months.  I finally convinced her that she needs to actually start tweeting messages of her own, and a few days ago she began this endeavor.

If you’d like to follow us on twitter, you can now find us here.  We’re eager to advance the cause of the resistance, one snarky comment at a time.

Coffee and Why I Love It

By Persephone

It’s occurred to me recently that all of my articles have been rather dark and depressing.  This trend will totally continue.  Let’s face it–the world we live in is rather dark and depressing right now.  Still, I could talk about more cheerful subjects once in a while.

So, I’ve decided to add on a new category to our website.  This one is called “Gratitude-Worthy.”  For this category, I will wax poetic over the things in my life that make it worth living.  I figured coffee would kick us off nicely.

I was raised by ex-Mormons.  You have no idea how many eyebrows are raised reflexively whenever I say this, but it’s true.  My parents were both raised in the Church of Latter Day Saints.  They met each other at BYU in the ’60s and married almost immediately.  Then, they turned into some of the most liberal people you’ve ever seen and stopped attending the Mormon church.  Only their oldest child was ever baptised.  The other six of us were given the freedom to figure out our own faiths.  I turned out Druid, but that’s a story for another time.

All that really means is that I wasn’t raised around coffee.  I wasn’t raised around booze either, although that’s a habit I never picked up.  I was, however, allowed to drink Dr. Pepper.  Caffeine’s always been a part of my life in that respect.  Not long after my Dad died, I tried giving up Dr. Pepper (since I was a college student, I’d been taking in a lot of extra calories for that caffeine fix).  I think was around 21 at this time.  My body hated getting off caffeine, and I remember feeling desperately sluggish.  Out of curiosity, I tried drinking coffee while attending coffee hour at the United Methodist Church I was attending at the time.  The coffee was mediocre at best.  They only had plain non-dairy powdered creamer as flavoring, and the coffee was strong.  I drank it, but I wasn’t impressed at the time.  I’d no idea just what sort of an impact coffee would make on my life and would continue to make upon my life to this day.

My older sister (the Oracle) rectified this situation later.  She’d been drinking this life-giving elixer for years by the time I visited her just a few months after my first encounter with coffee.  She knew just what to order at espresso places (white chocolate mochas are still my favorite) and what creamers were acceptable with home-brewed coffee.  My visit might have only lasted two weeks, but it started a lifelong love affair with a delicious and versatile caffeine delivery system.  I’ve never regretted this, although my caffeine receptors probably do.

Thank you, coffee and the individuals who grow and produce you on my behalf.  You help me rise from my zombie-like state on a daily basis.  You give me a reason to smile.  After buying an espresso machine, my sister and I are given an excuse to have friends over any morning we bloody well wish.  You are worthy of my eternal gratitude.