What is WRONG With These Guys?


By Persephone

Seriously–what the hell?  Mitch McConnell’s been telling reporters how proud he is that the GOP majority had put the kibosh on Obama’s appointments in the federal court system.  Republicans have had a majority in the Senate since 2015, and since then McConnell and his ilk have ignored most of Obama’s appointments to the federal courts.  This includes the infamous move by the Republicans to refuse holding a hearing for Merrick Garland onto the Supreme Court for nearly a year.  It was a total dick move, especially considering that they’ve even praised Garland in the past for his moderate and fair tendencies.

You just can’t please these people.  All they cared about was a Democrat nominated these judges, and they weren’t going to approve any of these candidates.

So…yeah.  Now, McConnell’s totally patting himself on the back (or shell, if you will), since now Trump will be able to fill those positions with lifetime appointees.  God dammit.

This attitude is already following up a rather weird year.  The House Republicans voted for the stupid new Health Care Bill to get through, despite how most of them hadn’t read it.  Republicans have been falling over themselves defending Trump at every turn.  This week, Paul Ryan totally claimed that it was only inexperience that caused Trump to clear the room so that he could speak to James Comey alone.  You know, to commit obstruction of justice by asking him to drop an active investigation.  Because only an newbie president with no knowledge of the consequences would clear the room first before saying anything incriminating.

Seriously, Paul Ryan?  How much of a stretch is that?

This isn’t even adding in John McCain‘s weird questions at Comey’s testimony or the election of a House Representative from Montana after he committed actual physical assault on a reporter.  “Everyone makes mistakes,” as Republicans claimed after Greg Gianforte of Montana literally beat up a reporter.  It’s a general attitude that Republicans can do no wrong, even when it’s obvious that they are very much doing wrong.

I’m not saying that the Democrats are all saints here.  I’m really not.  They have a tendency to be smug and ignore people in rural communities.  However, they don’t defend their own when they severely screw up.  When Anthony Weiner lied to the press and claimed his phone had been hacked after he’d sent a dick pick, the Democrats dropped him like a hot potato.  When Jon Edwards used campaign funds to hide an affair, the other Democrats distanced themselves really quickly.  They might defend smaller transgressions, particularly those of a personal nature as we really don’t give a shit as long as everyone involved were consenting adults, but Democrats will not tolerate abuse of political power.  I rather like that.

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So…Yup. Not a Whole Lot There. What Wasn’t There Was Pretty Telling, Though.


By Persephone

After so many weeks of waiting and speculation and intrigue, James Comey finally provided his testimony in front of the Senate this morning.  It was probably the largest viewership the Senate’s ever had, not that this would take much.  Anyway, the hype was crazy.

To be honest, the only way Comey could have lived up to the high expectations attached to his testimony were if he either claimed Trump was secretly an alien from a neighboring galaxy or if he’d revealed that President Cheeto and Vladimir Putin had been twin brothers all along.

In other words, it wasn’t gonna’ happen.  This didn’t stop the media from counting down to the last minute, though, nor did it discourage bars in Washington, D.C. from offering a free round of drinks every time Trump tweeted during the testimony.  (Trump was surprisingly silent…something tells me his staff confiscated his phone for the day.  Translation: hundreds of disappointed Americans had to watch this testimony sober.)

Even so, there were a few interesting moments in the testimony.  First of all, Comey’s memos were constantly referred to.  Trump and Comey had nine one-on-one meetings over the last several months–an unusually large number considering Comey only met with Obama twice–and Comey started writing down everything about them from the very first.  As I’ve mentioned before, the memos really don’t read all that official-like.  They have a touch of romance novel and mainstream thriller about them.  It makes them a more interesting read, but I find Comey’s responses…dramatic, to say the least.

Anyway, the Senators found it weird that Comey wrote up each meeting in such detail, even asking at one point if he did that for anyone else.  It turns out only Trump possesses that level of unorthodox creepiness that inspires the people near him to write everything he says down.  Not even Jeff Sessions can compete.

Secondly: there was an awful lot that Comey wouldn’t admit.  He wouldn’t say if Trump had colluded with the Russians to get elected.  He wouldn’t explain what was hinky about Jeff Sessions’ recusal in open session.  He wouldn’t talk about the Steele Dossier (the famous “golden shower” document). Jared Kushner’s back communication channels with Russia also received no further discussion.  Comey’s go-to response was, “That’s not something I can answer in an open setting.”  There was just a lot that he wouldn’t say, and a lot of it had to do with Trump and his cabinet.  That, at least, was rather telling.

Third: Comey is pissed about Russia.  American elections might be messed up in the first place, as our country is a rigmarole of contradictions and misinformation, but at least it’s our own damn mess.  When another country screws us around and molds our opinions, then he gets pissed.  You don’t mess with the U.S., as far as he’s concerned.  It was an interesting perspective.

Fourth: Comey has a thing for his wife.  Apparently, she’s more fun to hang out with than a psychotic president with an agenda and no political experience.  Who knew?

In the end, it was an interesting testimony, but we didn’t learn anything earth-shattering.  Anything genuinely juicy was saved for the closed session in the afternoon.  Now, that I would have paid good money to observe.

Oh, well.  Maybe James Comey will write all of that in a memo, too.

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The Anticipation is Getting a Little Weird…This isn’t Christmas Eve, Guys

170509182201-trump-comey-0122-file-exlarge-169By Persephone

So…for days, I’ve heard of very little news aside from the upcoming testimony of James Comey.  As in, it’s today.  This morning.  But no pressure there.

Yet this is all people seem to want to talk about.  Yesterday, the public received some written opening statements by Comey, including the written reports of multiple meetings with President Cheeto.

You know what I think?  I doubt that there’s going to be a whole lot of revelations from this testimony today, as there really weren’t a whole lot of revelations from Comey’s prepared statements.  We already knew he was investigating the Russian interference with our election, we knew that President Trump had asked Comey to drop an investigation into former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, and we knew that Comey found being in the same room as Trump to be uncomfortable.  This is all old news.

The only interesting thing so far about Comey’s testimonies, to be honest, are his memos.  They read a lot less like official documents and more like a thriller with a stalker.  They’re quite fascinating, really.

Despite my disbelief that we’ll learn anything interesting today, though, I’ll admit one thing.  I’ll be watching it with baited breath the whole time.  There’s got to be some little tidbits will prove fun to tweet about.

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The Douche-bag’s Guide to Justifying the Murder of Us All


By Persephone

So….we have a president who pushed, shoved, and blundered his way through meeting with countless world leaders on his international tour.  When he came home, he promptly decided to remove this country from a non-legally binding agreement whose sole purpose was to ensure the health and safety of future generations.

It didn’t matter that the U.S. was instrumental in the writing of the Paris Climate Agreement.  It didn’t matter that our involvement would increase the involvement of other countries.  It doesn’t matter that climate change is accelerating, and action was needed yesterday.

Nope.  None of this mattered.  President Cheeto instead yanked us out of the agreement despite much criticism from Democrats, including Federal, State, and local political representatives.  Even a few Republicans have offered misgivings.  And now the rest of the world looks at us like we’re total trash.  Since we voted for this asshole, we really are total trash.

I’m just so angry over this.  I’ve been processing this latest news for several days, and I just cannot relinquish this anger.  There was just no reason for any of this.  Trump could have easily remained in the agreement as a show, then simply not contributed.  There were no legal obligations, nor were there financial penalties for not participating.  His pulling out of the agreement the way he did…it was just a giant fuck you to the rest of the world.  This “America First” attitude is going to screw us more than we realize.

President Cheeto cited several reasons for his actions, each reason less reasoned than the last.  He claimed it was economically a bad deal without backing it up with any facts (such a rare strategy of his).  It doesn’t matter that the country’s leading economists disagree, as only a moron would see sticking with old fuels like coal as economically sound.  Renewable clean energy is the way of the future, and the world’s economies are starting to reflect that.  It’s only the people leading these industries who are going to succeed financially.  Just saying.

President Cheeto also mentioned that the other countries must be laughing at us.  Well, thank goodness we dodged that bullet.

He also claimed that the agreement wouldn’t actually help much towards halting the effects on climate change.  True, it doesn’t cover anywhere near enough to halt the acceleration in global warming.  However, it would slow it down considerably.  I’d like to point out, though, that our commander-in-chief hasn’t actually told us what would do more to halt warming temperatures.  His administration even stated that President Trump is more environmentally considerate than any other president.

Sigh.  Whatever.  We’re listening, Mr. President, but we’re not exactly expecting miracles here.

So, we’ve dropped out of an agreement that benefited everyone involved.  By dropping out, we’ve severely reduced our credibility with the rest of the world, and other foreign nationals are looking at us like we’re crazier than a bag of cats.  Our businesses, global influence, and environment suffer greatly as a result.

There are no winners here.  When Trump’s involved, are there ever any winners?  He’s the only negotiator I’ve ever witnessed that would actually trade in a reasonable, mutually beneficial agreement for universal ill-will.

And I’m thinking the tropics are a good place to hang out while waiting for the world to end.  Who’s with me?

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Oh, the Things We Volunteer For…

By Persephone

So, my sister and I took a class on how to make and use royal icing a few weeks ago.  Yeah.  It turns out that this technique is quite a thing.  I mean, I taught myself using youtube videos how to frost cakes all fancy using buttercream, but that’s something I can only do in winter.  It turns out that buttercream melts even as you’re piping the fancy designs on the cake.  This is a problem.

But royal icing isn’t anywhere near that fussy.  It turns out that it’s also rather fun.  The only problem is that suddenly my sister and I were baking buttloads for the school.  I kid you not.  Two nights ago, my sister and I worked until one in the morning frosting 150 cookies.  The night before, I’d made a number of them to take to my monthly EMT training (like you do).

I’m still not sure why I did any of it, other than everybody likes cookies.  My poor sister, though.  I’m the one who keeps coming up with these ideas or agreeing to other people’s ideas.  My sister simply goes with it.

Anyway, check out the cookies.  Aren’t they so pretty?  There ones in red (well…pink…we didn’t have enough red food coloring) and gold are the school’s colors.




C’est La Covfefe

By Persephone

Well, I was going to write about a personal topic tonight.  Goodness knows I’ve got a lot on my plate right now to talk about.  My Mom broke her arm last week, I got a new tattoo, and I spent the afternoon today applying to jobs so that I could afford to conduct my student teaching this fall.  These are all relevant subjects that could easily produce thought-provoking commentary.

But then I saw the tweet from our president’s daily rant. 

Evidently, it’s already blown up on twitter.  Like much of what President Cheeto and his associates do, twitter followers adore every stupid picture or gaff as it provides much comic relief.  There are so many ways to make fun of this half-concocted tweet, I’m the first to admit, but I’d like to step back from the mockery for a second.

Just think about what our country has been reduced to.  Our president already tweets his every contradictory statement with absolutely no thought to the consequences.  He says whatever he wants, and it doesn’t matter what other country is watching.  It doesn’t matter if classified information is compromised.  It doesn’t matter who is hurt.  And it doesn’t matter that his fucking phone has a spell checker.

So while I applaud every troll out there who wishes to mock this ridiculous tweet, there’s a large part of my soul that writhes in agony over this.  We shouldn’t have a president who tweets at all.  We should have one who knows what diplomacy is.  We should have a president who cares about how his words affect his people.

But, hey, c’est la vie.  Or, as President Cheeto would so eloquently put it, “c’est la covfefe.”


There Once was a Boy Named Donald

By Persephone


There once was a boy named Donald

Whose tantrums and yells split the earth.

With no consequences, he’d acted that way since birth.


Little Donald believed he was right

About everything, from the economy to peoples’ needs

And wouldn’t listen when anyone disagreed.


For years, friends and family supported Donald

And to him never gave a genuine critique.

So, Donald believed in his heart that his brain was unique.


Ever delusional, Donald spent his life

Selling crappy products slapped with his name

And wondering why people called his brands lame.


Through the years, Donald’s hubris caused bankruptcies

Of such magnitude that he almost lost all,

But then a television network hired him one Fall.


For it was on the show The Apprentice

That Donald was seen as capable and full of tact.

People listened to him, not realizing what they saw was an act.


Continuous praise and high ratings built up Donald’s confidence.

He saw himself as perfect; no need to learn ever again,

Not when he could fool everyone as a conman.


But then he ruined it all–

For all the undeserving praise had made him so confident

That Donald decided one day to run for President.


And ruin it all, he did, although he surely didn’t know it,

Prancing and shouting hate all through a nasty campaign.

Somehow, he won over voters, most clearly not sane.


When he won, the world freaked out,

As the United States and the globe had been assured of his loss.

Protestors gathered in droves in reaction, for they were more than cross.


Many Americans were heartbroken,

Thinking their country had betrayed them with a such a man in charge,

But as the people learned, the reasons why were quite large.


For not only was there a great deal of hate in the United States,

But a foreign government had wanted Donald to win.

Russia had worked on changing American minds from within.


Fake news stories and Russian thinkbots had invaded,

And the voters of swing states were particularly affected.

They thought Donald’s opponent was crooked, so he got elected.


As Donald started his presidency,

His reign is awash in diplomatic incidents and way too many tweets.

He spouts crazy stuff, signs orders, and plays golf at his own retreat.


It is clear early on that Donald is in over his head.

He’s never had to think about others or even think at all.

His knowledge of politics is desperately small.


As the days go by, the rumors begin

That Russia and Donald were in cahoots all along,

That Donald’s loyalty to his country isn’t strong.


To dispel the accusations, Donald responds

By firing the FBI director, calling news fake, and writing more tweets.

When this doesn’t work, he acts even crazier (no easy feat).


As the days turn to months in this tumultuous presidency,

It’s easy to grow disheartened if you’re paying attention.

For when it comes to morality, Donald bears no comprehension.


This is clear when he goes overseas,

As world leaders grimace when Donald says intel offhand

Or the pope poses with dead eyes–not even Donald’s wife will hold his hand.


But for those you are suffering, for those who are scared,

You need to take heart when Donald’s treasonous acts continue more.

For someday, Donald will end up behind a prison door.



By Persephone

So, I haven’t posted for 18 days.  That seemed like forever to me, but I literally just turned in my very last assignment for the term about five minutes ago.  I won’t bore you with the details, but this was all homework for an education class.  If you’ve ever taken an education class, I’m sure you just winced.

Yeah.  It’s like that.  Education itself might be fun.  You get to learn all sorts of cool stuff when you’re taking interesting classes like English or Geography.  Even Psychology can hold a certain appeal.  It’s at least fun to make fun of Freud.  He kept on preaching that babies had a sexual oral fixation and that all women possessed penis envy.  Seriously.  It’s really easy to make fun of Freud.

But taking classes on education is about as boring as you can get.  There’s only so many times you can hear the words, “prior learning” and “differentiated instruction” before you start to wildly reconsider your life choices.

Speaking of life choices…just what the fuck has been going on the last couple weeks?  Sweet zombie jesus, it’s been insane.  First, Trump fires the FBI director without any warning.  His PR people (some of the most overworked employees that this country ever made, I’m sure) scrambled to cover up for him, saying that President Trump had of course never fired Comey because of the Russian investigation even though he totally did.  We know this because President Cheeto immediately admitted it in an interview.  Never mind that such a confession means that our Commander in Chief committed obstruction of justice and could be impeached just for that and face criminal charges.  Such an allegation would only actually take effect if our government wasn’t so corrupt that you don’t even need to squint anymore to see the nepotism and bribery.  Because they simply like pissing off their constituents at this point, evidently.

Then, of course, our president didn’t stop there, now did he?  He met with a Russian ambassador, which the American media couldn’t watch.  Yet, the Russian media was allowed.  Because that isn’t suspicious at all.

We also learned that Trump revealed sensitive classified information to the Russians during this meeting, and that later Trump admitted that it was information pertaining to Israel.  Because this world doesn’t make sense anymore.

Then Trump went on that lovely overseas trip that pretty much sealed the deal on our reputation as a foreign power throughout the world.  Americans are a joke, and only President Cheeto seems oblivious to this fact.  It wasn’t just that easily mockable picture of Trump fingering a globe with some Saudi Arabians.  It isn’t simply the dumbass grin on Trump’s face as the pope stared despondently at the camera, having spent more than 10 seconds with our president.  God knows that would bum anyone out.  Jokes also abound around how Trump can’t shake hands with the French president or talk to NATO without insulting the shit out of them.

No, he’s a joke because he really doesn’t know how to talk to foreign leaders without acting like a pompous douche-bag.  If he had the brains to match that ego, we’d still find him a douche-bag.  Just a competent one.

As it is, he stunned every foreign national he encountered with his general stupidity, his ignorance of anything not in his narrow scope of knowledge, and his overall dickishness.  I’m just sorry that these other governments were subjected to all this.

I sure didn’t miss him, though.  It was kind of nice having him gone.  We could breathe easier somehow.

But now he’s back, and something tells me that the crazy train has yet to finally reach its ultimate destination.

Luckily, I’m back, too.  And I’m prepared to mock this asshole for as long as I need to.  It’s my moral imperative.


Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard From Me In a While…

By Persephone

Right now, I’m trying to do a mad dash to finish all my homework (the term ends in two weeks) and get it in on time.  Between that and a full work schedule, I have no time for my website.

Which is a shame, because I miss it, and I cannot believe Donald Trump fired James Comey!!!  I wish so much I had the time or the energy to dissect this matter, but I don’t.  As soon as I get back on track (hopefully within another week or two), I’ll be back to interpret what shit has been hitting the fan in my absence.  In the meantime, try not to actually break your television or computer screens.  I know: it’s a challenge.

Good luck!

Apple Cake

By Persephone

Peel and slice 4 cups of apples into small pieces.  My mother recommended Rome’s or Granny Smith’s, but any of them work really.  Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 cup of chopped nuts in with the apples.  Set aside.  In a large mixing bowl, place 1 1/2 cups of sugar, 1/2 cup of vegetable oil, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 2 well-beaten eggs, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla.  When this is all mixed, add 2 cups of flour (warning–this batter will be THICK!)  Add the apples and nuts, stirring.  When all is moistened, place the batter in a greased 9 x 13 inch pan and bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes.  If you’d prefer a bundt pan, extend baking time to an hour.

This is a great cake that always receives a lot of compliments.  It’s so moist it doesn’t need frosting, and the heavy reliance on apples creates the illusion that this recipe is good for you.  It isn’t, but it sure is delicious.